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"Are you struggling with managing your finances while juggling your business responsibilities?

Do you find keeping on top of your bookkeeping, budgeting for launches, filing VAT returns, and staying compliant with regulations overwhelming?"

Look no further. As a business owner myself, I understand the difficulties of managing finances while running a business. I know how time-consuming it can be to do the bookkeeping and stay on top of finances, let alone ensure compliance with regulations.

Whether you’re a sole trader or limited company, we offer a comprehensive range of services that provide clarity on your accounts, ensure your bookkeeping is up-to-date, and keep you compliant. Trust us to take the hassle out of your finances so that you can focus on what’s important to you and growing your business.


Bookkeeping can often be time-consuming, and many of our clients simply don’t have the time to keep their books up to date. We can take the stress and pressure off you and deal with your bookkeeping and reconciliations. 

If you are not currently using a software package, we can help you select the right the right one for you and provide you with software training. 


Running a Limited Company involves a huge amount of responsibility and strict rules to follow. This can be puzzling to handle on your own. We will prepare, check and submit your annual returns, ensuring that all year-end accounts comply with Companies House requirements.


If you prefer to handle your bookkeeping independently but still want professional guidance and someone to ask questions, that’s perfectly fine. We offer a quarterly check and review service to ensure your accounts are accurate and up-to-date. We will provide bookkeeping tips and advice and make necessary adjustments to ensure your records are compliant and organised. we are here to support you.


We aim to ease the stress often caused by preparing your self-assessment and help you avoid costly mistakes by offering a comprehensive self-assessment service.

We can relieve you of the stress and save you time and worry by handling this process for you. We will do all the necessary computations, complete your return and deal directly with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf as your tax agent.


Navigating the various VAT schemes can be overwhelming. I can help you understand the different VAT schemes and which is best suited for your business. Failing to calculate or submit on time could result in penalties. That’s why we offer a comprehensive VAT Return service. You can say goodbye to the stress of your VAT Returns by letting us take care of them. With our expertise, we’ll ensure that your returns are completed accurately and on time so that you only pay the amount of VAT you owe.




You will receive a detailed report that sheds light on the current state of your bookkeeping practices. By assessing your software, we can identify potential errors and offer valuable insights to ensure you maintain complete control over your business.

On completion of the assessment, we will present you with a comprehensive report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your current bookkeeping system.


If you work in the Construction industry, it’s likely that you fall under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). To provide you with the best service, we use CIS-integrated software that allows us to offer the following services:

 – CIS Returns

 – CIS Payment/Deduction Statements

 – Payroll – Claiming CIS via Employer Payment Summary – EPS



PROCESSES & proceedure review

Conducting a process review allows you to enhance and optimise your operations, reducing time wasted on non-value-added tasks. Through a thorough process review, you can gain valuable insights into the outcomes of your processes and identify the individuals and elements involved in each step. This will allow you to identify areas of concern and uncover opportunities for improvement. By leveraging the findings of the process review, you can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and enhance effectiveness, leading to better overall outcomes for your business.


The Power Hour presents a valuable chance to address any lingering questions or concerns you may have about your business finances, particularly if it is technical matters.

Before our 60-minute Zoom call, you will receive a form to fill out, enabling me to better understand your business and the specific topics/questions you wish to discuss. 

Following our meeting, you will receive an action plan summarising the key points discussed and a follow-up call to ensure your progress. 

The Power Hour aims to leave you feeling assured and well-informed about advancing your business. I recognise the importance of your time and financial investment, and our Power Hour delivers on both.

Some of the popular Power Hour Topics include:-

– General Bookkeeping Questions

– Help to choose a software

– Help using Xero or FreeAgent

– Questions about Self-Assessment?

– VAT Questions

– Help streamline processes and procedures


Management account reports are important in any business as they provide a snapshot of the company’s financial health. They are designed to provide business owners and management with timely and accurate financial information to help them make informed decisions. Here are some reasons why management account reports are important:

  1. Planning and budgeting: Management account reports provide valuable insights into the business’s financial performance, which can be used to plan and budget for the future. This allows management to allocate resources effectively and identify areas where improvements can be made.
  2. Identifying trends: By analysing data from management account reports, business owners and managers can identify trends and patterns in the company’s financial performance. This helps them to understand what is working and what needs to be improved.
  3. Measuring performance: Management account reports provide a way to measure the business’s financial performance against set targets and objectives. This helps to identify areas where the company is performing well and where improvements need to be made.
  4. Making informed decisions: Management account reports provide the information needed to make informed decisions. This allows management to weigh up the pros and cons of different options and choose the best course of action for the business.

Overall, management account reports are essential for any business that wants to succeed. They provide valuable financial information that can be used to plan, budget, identify trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions.


As your outsourced finance department, we can take care of all your financial and accounting needs, including bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax compliance, and financial reporting.

By outsourcing your finance department to us, you’ll have access to a team of experienced professionals without the costs and commitments of hiring an in-house team. You’ll also have more time and resources to focus on your core business activities, such as sales, marketing, and operations.

We can provide you with regular management reports and financial statements, giving you a clear picture of your financial performance and enabling you to make informed decisions about your business. Additionally, we can help you identify cost-saving opportunities, improve cash flow management, and plan for future growth and expansion.

Outsourcing your finance department to us can help streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and provide the financial expertise and support you need to succeed.


booking a consultation

Use the below link to book a consultation on a convenient day and time. If you are local you have the option to meet face to face.


The initial consultation is a opportunity to find out more about you and your business. It will also be a chance for us to see if we are a good match to work together.

If we agree that we would like to work together, we will prepare a proposal for you, which will detail a bespoke package tailored for you.


We will call you on the agreed follow-up date, so we can discuss any questions you have regarding the proposal. As all our packages are tailored we can  add or remove any of our services to make it perfect package for you and your business needs.

~ frequent questions ~

Yes, I can support you with your bookkeeping throughout the year.  Depending on what support you need I will liase with your accountant throughout the year  and at your year end.  

I include quarterly catch-ups in all my packages. This gives us the opportunity to review your accounts and go through cashflow.  Depending on your package we also go through your budgets and management accounts. We will also go through any questions you have.

In-between meeting you will also have email and telephone support.

You have the option to upgrade to monthly meetings if you prefer

We have an accounting  practice licence with the AAT. 

The AAT regulates thier members who provide bookkeeping & accountancy services to clients. All members must demonstrate technical competence, adhere to practice assurance standards and demonstrate their status as “fit and proper” persons to hold a licence.


No. We are a cloud based business, which means wherever you are located you can work with us. If you are local to south Manchester you will also have the option to have face to face meetings if you prefer.

Yes, as we are a cloud based  business and as you may not be local, you will need to use an accounting software. We use Xero, FreeAgent and Quickbooks.

If you need help setting up or transfering over to a software, this is something we can help you with.

I work with service based businesses as well as trade and construction. The main thing we ensure is that we are a good fit for each other.


Get in contact today to book a free consultation

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